What Are Bamboo Sheet Sets?


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Bamboo sheets are linens that are manufactured from bamboo, as opposed to traditional cotton sheets. Bamboo sheets are softer than cotton sheets and also possess antibacterial properties. Bamboo linens are hypoallergenic and odor and mildew-resistant.

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Bamboo fabric is classified as a rayon material in the U.S. It is not classified as a synthetic fiber. Studies have proven that bamboo linens are somewhat bacteria-resistant, though science has not confirmed the exact degree to which these linens are antibacterial. Though chemicals are used in the washing of bamboo pulp, the trees require no herbicides or pesticides during growth, in sharp contrast to cotton. Bamboo trees also require a significantly smaller amount of irrigation than does cotton, and contribute large amounts of oxygen to the environment. Bamboo is highly renewable due to its rapid growth cycle.

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