What Are Baltic Brown Granite Countertops?


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Baltic Brown granite countertops are made from a coarse-grained granite slab with a largely brown color palette, according to Fireplace & Granite Distributors in Charlotte, N.C. Baltic Brown granite has a black background that showcases light brown splotches of varying sizes along with smaller brown, and sometimes greenish, spots. The shades and sizes of the splotches often vary greatly from piece to piece of Baltic Brown granite.

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The scale of the color texturing can be uniformly small, or it can be quite large and varied, with a remarkable variance from one countertop to the next countertop. Other trade names for Baltic brown granite include Baltic Rain and Bruno Baltico, according to Fireplace & Granite Distributors.

Accent Granite Interiors of Greenville, S.C., explains that variations in color and pattern are based on the specific area where the granite was originally quarried. All types of granite are known as dimension stones, which contain these natural variations that are referred to as movement. This movement is the source of granite's luster.

In order to ensure satisfaction with the results, it is wise to personally select the individual slab of Baltic Brown granite to be used in a countertop and to inspect the slab before having it delivered.

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