How Do You Balance a Five-Blade Ceiling Fan?


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Balancing kits can be purchased at most home repair centers. The kits contain clips and matching weights with double-sided tape on the bottom. If a kit is unavailable, use clothespins, tape and washers of varying weights.

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  1. Inspect the blades

    If a blade is loose, tighten the screws to secure it to the blade holder. Check for warping of the blades or blade holders by holding a yardstick to the ceiling and rotating the blades. Check the measurement at the edge of each of the blades. Remove or replace blades that are significantly higher or lower than the measurement of the other blades.

  2. Weight each of the blades temporarily

    Apply a weight to the top of one of the blades in the middle on the leading edge. Experiment with the weight, moving it up or down the blade to eliminate the wobble. Turn off the fan. Proceed to weight and check the next blade until all blades have been inspected.

  3. Affix weights to the appropriate blades

    Remove adhesive backing and affix weights to blades as necessary. If using washers, apply with tape. Balancing a blade may require the application of more than one weight. Continue to apply until all blades are corrected and the fan operates without a wobble.

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