How Do You Balance a Ceiling Fan?

How Do You Balance a Ceiling Fan?

To balance a ceiling fan, bend the blades. Add clips, and apply weights. You need a ladder, measuring tape, yard stick and blade-balancing kit to complete this project.

  1. Add markings to the blades

    Assign numbers to each blade using masking tape.

  2. Even the edges

    Measure the distance between the edge and the ceiling with a yard stick. Bend each fan blade that measures out of alignment. Test the fan to see if the problem remains.

  3. Use a balancing kit

    Purchase a blade-balancing kit if the imbalance persists. Place the clip at the center edge of the wobbling blade. Observe from a distance to see if the fan is off-level by standing on a ladder. Make adjustments by turning off the fan and placing the cap closer to the motor. Turn on the fan as a test, and keep adjusting accordingly.

  4. Apply weights

    Use tape to fasten the weights on the top center portion of the blade. Make sure the weight lines with the clip. Remove the clips, and turn on the fan to see how it operates. Mark the weight to see if the fan runs evenly. Remove the tape, and permanently affix the weight to the fan. Add more permanent weights to the other blades, if necessary.