What Are Some Backyard Waterfall Design Ideas?

Some backyard waterfall design ideas are a stony paradise design that includes a waterfall at the center of stones and a modern wonder design that features a waterfall running down concrete stairs. There is also a spa waterfall design with a waterfall that pours into a Jacuzzi.

The two focus points of any waterfall design are the pool in which the water falls and the structure for the waterfall itself. A waterfall in a backyard can be designed from a slope in the property. If there isn't a slope, then a berm should be erected. A berm is an artificial slope. A pool also needs to be set in place with a recirculation pump, so the pump can recirculate the water from the pool back up to the waterfall.

When building a large outdoor waterfall, a flexible liner needs to be laid on the ground to channel the water between the waterfall and the pool. Boulders should be placed on the liner to hide it and hold it down.

For smaller waterfalls, a pre-cast concrete structure can be purchased for the structure of the waterfall and placed next to a pond. Alternatively, a small structure can be designed from stones and other items, such as a submersible pump, tubing, lining, sand and a garden hose.