What Are Some Backyard Pond Designs?

What Are Some Backyard Pond Designs?

Some backyard pond designs include contemporary, koi, natural and elaborate designs, among others, as noted by the Landscaping Network, HGTV and Popular Mechanics websites. Ponds should feature moving water to discourage mosquito growth, and homeowners who plan on introducing fish to the pond should use fish-safe rubber liners during construction.

Contemporary ponds typically appear more man-made than their natural counterparts do, and they feature right angles and straight lines, notes Landscaping Network. The pond can be lined with poured concrete, flexible rubber or preformed materials, which feature their own sets of pros and cons.

Koi ponds are ponds designed to house koi fish, so these ponds should feature fish-safe rubber liners to keep the fish healthy. Homeowners should also introduce aquatic pond plants, which offer food for the fish, as well as an ecologically balanced habitat to keep the water healthy without the use of chemicals.

Natural pond designs typically feature waterfalls and are surrounded by coping stones and plants, notes Popular Mechanics. These ponds usually follow the natural contour of the landscape to mimic a naturally occurring pond. Rocks are placed around the piping and weir gates to conceal the man-made elements.

Elaborate ponds can be as contemporary or as natural as desired, and they can feature many different design elements including lights, pathways and intricate water features.