What Are Some Backyard Landscape Ideas?

Try landscaping the backyard with pavers to create walkways or adding a weatherproof table that can double as a plant stand or buffet table to an area of the yard that is less than perfect, states BHG.com. Adding plants to a backyard is another easy and inexpensive way to landscape.

Adding plants to a backyard can bring color and depth to the area. Try adding tall perennials such as black-eyed Susans or ornamental grass to an area. Plants can also be used to hide less-than-perfect areas of a yard, such as the legs of a deck. Generally, plants are inexpensive and enhance the view of almost any area.

Turn a backyard into a tropical oasis by adding a curtain of tropical plants as the backdrop for a seating area. Bring in soil to build up flat areas of the yard and plant pretty, colorful flowers in and around the focal point.

Turn a muddy path into a thing of beauty by building a stone path in a problem area. Highlight the path by putting up an arbor to create a focal point. Plant large pots with flowers surrounding the arbor for a splash of color.

If money is an issue, try working with just one corner of the yard. Put up a decorative trellis in one corner of the yard and place chairs and a table in front of it.