What Are Some Backyard Brick Patio Ideas?

Different backyard brick patio ideas include using different patterns of bricks, such as the basket weave or herringbone pattern. There are also different colors and sizes of brick to choose from to get different effects.

Start by choosing a brick pattern for the patio. Each pattern gives the patio a different overall style and appeal. A classic pattern for brick is the basket weave. This is also known as a checkerboard pattern, where the bricks are laid horizontally in a way that makes them look as if they are weaving together. Running bond is also a good pattern for patios. It is a simple pattern to create and doesn’t waste a lot of brick materials. It begins with four bricks in the center in a rectangle pattern, then the other bricks are placed around them until it reaches the desirable size. Herringbone is a good pattern, though it requires more cutting since half the bricks are smaller than the rest.

There are also different color options with brick patios. All brick has a reddish color, though the shade and intensity can vary. Homeowners can use the same color for the entire patio or alternate the colors for a more interesting effect. Brick can also be painted different colors as long as it is sealed properly.