What Backup Sump Pumps Use City Water for Power?


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The Basepump and Liberty Pumps SJ10 use city water for power. The manufacturers design both these pumps for backup purposes. They pump 1 gallon of water for every 2 gallons they consume and can use up to 750 gallons of water per hour.

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City water backup pumps are one option for a power outage. Because of their high demand for city water, however, some municipalities have outlawed the use of these pumps.

The SJ10 operates at water pressures between 20 and 100 pounds per square inch; however, performance varies based on the available water pressure. It requires a constant supply of water and does not operate on a well if the power is out. It requires installation in the sump, leaving it immersed in contaminated water and increasing the chance of cross-contamination with municipal water supplies. Most suppliers require a reduced pressure zone backflow valve with this type of pump.

Basepump offers several models of water-powered sump pumps. These pumps install on the ceiling of the basement, high above the sump and continue to remove liquid from the sump as long as city water pressure is available. Many municipalities allow installation of these pumps with an atmospheric vacuum breaker backflow device. They create the pumping force with no moving parts and require no maintenance.

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