How Do You Get Baby Oil Out of a Suit Jacket That Is Dry Clean Only?


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Dry-cleaning is the best way to deal with stains on a non-washable suit. There is a remedy that can be tried at home, however, with just a few supplies: dry-cleaning solvent, cotton swabs and talcum powder.

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  1. Prepare the garment

    Remove the garment and place it on a clean, dry and flat surface. If the stain is new, apply talcum powder to absorb the oil and wait 10 to 15 minutes and remove. If the stain is old, find a small section of the suit to test the solvent on.

  2. Use a dry cleaning solvent and stain remover

    Be sure your solvent is safe for non-washable fabrics. Test the solvent on the fabric, making sure that it is dry. In a well-ventilated area, apply a small amount of the solvent to an inside seam. If the solution does not darken or stain the fabric, dab a small amount on the stain using a cotton swab. Make sure to work a small section at a time. Air-dry your suit completely when finished.

  3. Take your suit to the dry cleaner

    Professionally dry-clean your suit to ensure complete removal of the solvent and stain. Make a note of the area to your dry-cleaner, and refer to it when the suit is cleaned. Additional cleanings may be necessary.

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