How Does B-Dry Waterproofing Seal a Basement?


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B-Dry basement waterproofing seals the basement using a rigid membrane sealer on the walls. The system also includes weep holes at the bottom of the wall to allow any water buildup to drain into a channel that funnels any leaks to a sump pump for safe removal.

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The B-Dry system requires cutting through the floor at the perimeter of the basement for installing the channel. The installers ensure it has the proper drop to allow any water that collects to drain to the sump. Once the channel is in place, the installer replaces the concrete, then the flooring is ready to finish. Weep holes at the core of the concrete block wall and the rigid membrane seal ensure any water drains into the channel before it has a chance to flood the basement. Water collecting in the sump triggers the pump to remove the moisture from the basement.

Since basements are underground, they are subject to the rise and fall of the water table. When building the home, most basement contractors install a French drain and waterproofing around the exterior of the basement wall. Over time, sediment fills the openings in the gravel drain, making it less effective at removing water and the basement begins to leak.

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