What Is an Axxess Key Identifier?


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The Axxess Key Identifier, part of the Axxess Key system, is a patented device that allows quick identification of key blanks when a store employee needs to duplicate a key for a customer. The Hillman Group produces the Axxess Key system.

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The Axxess Key Identifier solves an employee's time-consuming problem of locating the correct key blank when a customer asks for a copy of a key. In typical key duplication, the salesperson must either search cross-reference manuals to find the proper blank or resort to the hit-or-miss "eyeball" method. With the Axxess process, the worker simply inserts the original key into the Key Identifier, and the machine determines which blank should be used.

The Axxess system further simplifies the duplication process by limiting the number of different key blanks, with certain blanks usable in up to 10 different configurations. This flexibility in production means that an Axxess Key system can fulfill up to 97 percent of customer requests for auto, home, office, mailbox and padlock keys, according to the Hillman Group. The machine also features safety improvements when compared to traditional duplication systems, such as self-enclosed cutting wheels that protect workers' hands and that keep metal shavings from flying out and potentially harming anyone standing nearby.

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