How Do You Avoid Having Problems With the Samsung VRT Washer?


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Some of the ways to avoid problems with the Samsung VRT washer include washing only full laundry loads, replacing the water hose every two years and balancing the loads out before washing. Proper Samsung VRT washer care and maintenance depends on the specific model.

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Washing only full loads maximizes efficiency, and preserves the drive belt. Using the washer unnecessarily puts a strain on the drive belt and breaks it, causing the machine to stop tumbling or churning. Scheduling laundry days and sticking to them helps to prevent efficiency and drive-belt related problems.

Replacing the water hose every two years helps to prevent leaks. Attaching the water hose too tightly can damage the hose and cause the machine to leak. Additionally, avoid running the hot water cycle often because this wears out the pump faster and decreases the efficiency of the machine.

Finally, balancing the load before running a cycle prevents the machine from vibrating. The vibration can cause damage to various washer components. It is also advisable to place the washer on top of a platform to balance out the washer drum. The vibration can also be caused by worn bearings, which need to be replaced to fix the problem.

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