How Do You Avoid Bug Bites at Night?


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To avoid bug bites at night, make sure your window screens are in good condition, wear light clothing, avoid going out after dusk and consider using natural bug repellents. You can see some benefits of this process immediately, but it may take longer to avoid bug bites entirely.

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  1. Repair your window screens

    If you have window screens that keep bugs out, repair them. Wherever possible, add mosquito netting to the screens to keep mosquitoes out.

  2. Wear light clothing at night

    Wear light clothing at night, as bugs are less likely to bite when you do. Ensure the clothing covers your legs and arms as much as possible.

  3. Stay indoors after dusk

    In addition to wearing light clothing, stay indoors after dusk. The species of bugs that are most likely to bite do so at night. This is particularly important when staying in areas where there are mosquito borne diseases, as mosquitoes bite from night until dawn.

  4. Use a bug repellent

    As an extra precaution, consider using a bug repellent. If you prefer non-toxic solutions, there are some available. However, it's advisable to use a substance like Deet when staying in an area where malaria is present, as it offers a stronger chance of repelling the bugs.

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