How Do You Avoid Brushmarks When Painting?


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Avoided brush marks when painting by using a paint extender or paintable caulk and using thin layers of paint. If a homeowner is still worried about brush marks, hire a professional painter for the job.

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Consider these tips when looking to avoid brush marks on surfaces.

  1. Use a paint extender
  2. Using a paint extender or paint conditioner with the paint will prevent brush marks. It works by keeping the paint from drying too quickly, which then makes it possible for painters or homeowners to quickly go over an area multiple times to smooth out and level the paint.
  3. Try paintable caulk
  4. When caulking a kitchen or the bathroom, homeowners often want to paint the caulk as well. Caulk is mold resistant and can last for over 10 years, so painting it correctly without lines is a must. Most paints prefer to spray paint on to the area, but homeowners can run into problems with lines when they try to spray. Instead, consider using paintable caulks that can be brushed or roller painted quickly to avoid lines.
  5. Watch the layering
  6. It's important to remember that layering the paint on too thick can leave lines behind and cause some areas to look darker than others. Instead, layer paint in thin amounts, knowing that it is better to layer multiple thin coats than thick layers.
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