What Is the Average Value of an Antique Record Player?

Common Vitrola models, such as the VV-IV, VV-VI, VV-IX, VV-XI and VV-80, sell for between $150 to $300 at auction. Victor record players sell for approximately $75 to $300 in average condition. Mint condition players may fetch triple the value of one that is in good condition.

Antique record players that are in excellent condition, have a unique finish, and are not a common model can sell for thousands of dollars. Unusual Victor record players may sell for $500 to $3,000. Very rare Victors and Vitrolas can sell for tens of thousands of dollars, but they require an appraisal to estimate their true value.

Restored players are worth less than players in good original condition. Aftermarket parts, reworked cabinets and repainted finishes significantly diminish worth.