What Are Average Residential Natural Gas Prices?


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The average residential prices for natural gas vary based on the state. In July 2015, the average was $11.68 per 1000 cubic feet in California, $24.58 in Florida, $13.65 in Michigan and $11.33 in Delaware.

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The natural gas prices also change by the year. In 2009, the average natural gas price for the year in California was $9.43 per 1000 cubic feet, while it went up to $11.51 by 2014. In Florida, however, the price went down. It was a high of $20.18 per 1000 cubic feet in 2009 and $19.02 in 2014. Prices also went down in Michigan, starting at $11.27 per 1000 cubic feet in 2009 and gradually dropping until it reached $9.33 in 2014.

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