On Average, How Long Does Roundup Tree Stump and Root Killer Take to Work?


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Roundup Tree Stump and Root Killer takes an average of two to four weeks to completely destroy the vascular system within a tree stump. This product works faster on recently cut trees, as there is more live tissue on the surface of the stump for the product to permeate.

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To achieve the desired effectiveness with Roundup Tree Stump and Root Killer, the product must absorb into the unwanted tree stump. If the tree stump is old, it may be necessary to remove the top portion of the stump to allow the product to come into maximum contact with the live portion that remains. In addition to liberally brushing the entire top of the tree stump with Roundup, drill vertical holes into the stump, and fill with the product. This allows the stump remover to absorb into the cambium layer of the stump and increases its effectiveness. After applying the product, cover the stump with a plastic sheet to protect it from rain until the product has dried completely.

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