What Is the Average Life Span of a Refrigerator?

While an average refrigerator lasts 14 to 17 years, life span can vary considerably depending on model and size. Proper care and maintenance can extend a refrigerator's working life

The most important thing a homeowner can do to extend a refrigerator's life is to clean its condenser coils at least annually. This is especially important for models with the condenser coils at the bottom of the machine, where air flow is poorest. To clean, unplug the refrigerator, remove the protective grill over the coil, and gently brush or blow the dirt off the coil. If the condenser has a fan, wipe the fan blades off as well before replacing the grill and plugging the refrigerator back in. Refrigerators also work longer if placed away from direct sunlight and heat-producing appliances.