What Is the Average Cost for Termite Treatment?

Factors such as location, type of treatment used and the size of the home all affect the cost of termite treatment, but in 2014, the average cost of treatment ranged from $1,300 to more than $4,000, according to CostHelper, Inc. Most extermination companies charge by the number of feet in the perimeter of the home or the square footage of the house. Homes with slab foundations cost more to treat.

Exterminators should provide written bids for the cost of service before beginning any work. The bid should include all work to be completed and the full price of the service.

Before selecting the method of treatment, it is important to determine the type of termite infesting the home. Fumigation is effective against dryland termites that live primarily in the home. However, barrier and bait treatments are a better alternative for subterranean termites that form colonies in the ground outside the home.

Beginning in 2002, pesticide companies started use of a non-repellent barrier for subterranean termites. Unlike the older barriers that left homes subject to damage through the smallest of gaps in the treatment, the non-repellent barriers are undetectable to termites. The termites that encounter the barrier eventually die. Some are formulated so that worker termites take the chemical back to the colony, where it kills the insects that permanently reside there.