What Is the Average Cost Per Kilowatt-Hour?


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As of 2011, the average cost of electricity per kilowatt-hour for residential homes is 11.72 cents. The average varies by state, as Hawaii's average per kilowatt-hour is 31.59 cents at the highest and Idaho's average per kilowatt-hour is 6.44 cents.

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Hawaii's kilowatt per hour average is extreme compared to the rest of the states, as the second highest is New York at 18.1 cents kilowatt per hour. The average residential monthly bill is $110.14, from the average use of 940 kWh. Commercial average is 10.23 cents, industrial is 6.82 cents and transportation is 10.46 cents. Most energy derives from coal, followed by natural gas, nuclear, hydro and then renewables.

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