What Is the Average Cost of a Hardiplank?

The average cost of Hardieplank, or Hardie board, siding is about $8 to $12 per square foot, as of 2015. If using the siding on a house that has about 1,500 square feet of exterior, the average cost is about $15,000 with labor.

The reason Hardieplank fiber cement siding is more expensive than vinyl siding is that it is about five times heavier, with it being close to 300 lbs. and vinyl being 60 to 70 lbs., and requires extra labor to install. If getting new siding on an existing house, the price to remove the old siding also makes the overall project more expensive. While the price of Hardieplank is higher, it has better longevity than vinyl siding and better protection against storms and fire.