What Are Some Automatic Garage Door Problems?


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Defective sensors, unresponsive remote controls and faulty wall switches doors are some common garage door problems. Garage door problems are usually due to broken parts or required maintenance. Most automatic garage door problems can be solved by replacing defective or old parts.

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Automatic garage doors that have faulty safety sensors issues usually require sensor alignment or replacement. The sensor light should be visible if there is nothing between the sensors. If there is no light showing, then the sensors may require replacement. Automatic garage door sensors are brand specific.

Remote controls for automatic garage doors become unresponsive over time due to dead batteries or broken hardware. Remote controls that are still unresponsive even after replacing batteries may require a new remote. Other options include replacing the receiver or using a universal remote control if there are no replacement remotes sold for the specific garage door.

Faulty wall switches are another common problem with automatic garage doors, requiring the replacement of the switch or wires. Testing the wall switch involves removing the switch from the wall and manually touching the switch wires together. Replacement of the switch may be necessary if the wires are working properly when they are manually connected.

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