What Attracts Moles?

attracts-moles Credit: Berndt Fischer/Oxford Scientific/Getty Images

Moles are attracted to earthworms in a yard, though they also eat grubs if earthworms are not present, according to Purdue University. In order to get rid of moles, it is necessary to either bait them with poison or trap them.

Since it is nearly impossible to remove earthworms from a yard, as explained by Purdue University, baiting is one method that can work for deterring moles. Bait is available for moles that look and taste like earthworms. This bait contains Bromethalin, a lethal poison, which kills the moles. Another method to get rid of moles is trapping them. Small traps can be purchased at home improvement or department stores. A harpoon trap and a scissor trap are two types of traps that have been shown to be effective.

Whether the goal is to use the bait or the traps, it is imperative that the placement is correct, as Purdue University states. Choose a mole run that has been recently used by the moles, preferably one that is straight. To check if a run is active, stomp on the hole, and see if it is repaired in the next day or two. If it is, place the trap or bait as close to the opening as possible to eliminate the moles.