What Attracts Fleas?

attracts-fleas Credit: More Than Words Photography by Alisa Brouwer/Moment/Getty Images

Fleas are attracted to the warmth that the bodies of their hosts emit, vibrations and carbon dioxide, and they also like warm and carpeted environments where their hosts rest. These parasites feed on the blood of their hosts and can cause a number of conditions including skin infection and irritation, loss of hair and lethargy in their hosts.

Fleas behave differently from other parasites, and understanding their behavior and what attracts them is what can keep them away. For instance, blowing a flea away may attract more because carbon dioxide attracts fleas. Because of the forceful exhaling of the flea, it goes, but many others get attracted.

The chemical makeup of the host also determines the level of attraction of fleas. The hosts have different chemical profiles with each emitting a different level of skin secretions and carbon dioxide that attract fleas. Fleas tend to be attracted to a particular host over others depending on the level of production of these body secretions.

To avoid the infestation of fleas, the environment that attracts them should be kept as clean as possible. This can be done by brushing, vacuuming and sanitizing regularly. There are also a number of treatments that can be purchased, from collars to medications.