What Attracts Cockroaches?


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Cockroaches are attracted to unsanitary locations, discarded food and water and dark and moist places. Cockroaches have been proven to spread disease, so maintaining proper sanitation is an important way to keep them away.

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Cockroaches are unpleasant for many reasons, including their ability to develop large colonies. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that there are 55 species of cockroach living in the United States. Cockroaches thrive in warm climates as well as dark spaces. They also prefer moist environments where food is plentiful; however, certain types of cockroaches can survive for three months without food and up to a month without water.

Cockroaches are attracted to human and pet food, bird seed and cardboard. However, they will eat a variety of items, including cheese, meat, starchy foods and baked goods. Cockroaches may be transported into a home inside boxes. Food that has been found with cockroaches in it should not be consumed since the pests carry diseases. Cockroaches have been known to spread human pathogens, parasitic worms, E. coli, Salmonella and many other bacteria. Cleaning countertops and floors and removing trash and discarded food is vital for keeping cockroaches away.

Cockroaches are also attracted to wet or moist areas. It is important to check on standing water and to fix leaks in water closets to eliminate their habitat.

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