What Are Attic Fan Motors?


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An attic fan motor is the motor that powers an electric attic fan, also known as a whole house fan. Tucker notes that attic fans can be a valuable alternative to traditional air conditioning during hotter seasons.

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Attic fans are easy to use as long as they are properly installed and have an operating switch that is easy to access. Attic fans are relatively low maintenance, but if they are placed in an attic space with heavy insulation they may be difficult to access.

Attic fans can be used during any season where the air outside is colder than the air inside the house. The attic fan works by bringing air in through open windows and doors while using attic vents to push hot air outside. Some attic fans are designed with a thermostat and activate when the air rises above a certain temperature.

Others may only have the on/off switch or may be set to cool the house for certain periods of time. When opening windows before operating the attic fan, it is recommended to open multiple windows, particularly on the lower floor. Turning on the fan before the windows are open may place unnecessary stress on the attic fan motor.

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