What Attachments Should Come With a Food Processor?

What Attachments Should Come With a Food Processor?

Attachments that come with a basic food processor usually include the S-blade, along with shredding and slicing discs. High-end models may also include a dough hook, an egg whip, a julienne disc, a French fry disc and juicers. The upgraded attachments may also be bought separately.

The S-blade, also called a Sabatier, sits in the bottom of the processor bowl and can chop, mix and puree ingredients depending on the speed setting. The shredding and slicing discs can be separate pieces or all incorporated into one unit.

Dough hooks may or may not be an upgrade. They knead bread, and mix cake batter and cookie dough. The egg whip, also called a whisk, usually has two arms with open paddles at the ends. These are used to make whipping cream or to beat egg whites. A julienne disc cuts food into long, thin strips, while the French fry disc makes longer and thicker pieces.

Two types of juicers are available. The citrus juicer fits on top of the ingredient feeding shaft and has a dome shape. Turning it squeezes the juice out of lemons, oranges or similar fruits. The non-citrus juicer, often used for smoothies, purees fruits and vegetables. The juice is strained out of the pulp, landing in the bottom of the bowl.

Users who want the upgraded attachments often find it's more cost effective to buy a high-end food processor with all the attachments included. The high-end models also have more powerful motors, more speeds and generally last longer.