What Are Some Attachments From John Deere That Go With a 1025R Tractor?

What Are Some Attachments From John Deere That Go With a 1025R Tractor?

Rear hydraulic systems, hitches, weights, lighting and other miscellaneous attachments are available for the John Deere 1025R Sub-Compact utility tractor. Some of the attachments perform functions by themselves, while others are required to use the wide variety of implements available for different tasks.

Several rear hydraulic attachments are available to allow coupling of hoses for implements that require hydraulic power to operate such as rear blades, landscaping tools, post hole augers, snow blowers and tillage tools. There is also a third selective control valve kit that lets users control the rear hydraulics without interference from the seat.

Trailers and implements can be mounted with the available iMatch hitch system as well as traditional three-point hitch attachments. A plastic canopy is also available to shield the driver from the elements.

Mounting kits for rear weights are available as well as loose wheel weights in 50- and 72-pound sizes. This allows users to add whatever weight is needed to counter-balance front loading and lifting implements such as loader buckets, snow plows and hay bale spears.

The 1025R has several work light attachments available, including an auxiliary rear work light, an LED work light and forward lighting. Brush guards are available to protect the lighting and are required to mount some of the lighting attachments.