What Attachments Are Available for a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer?


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Attachments available for a KitchenAid stand mixer include a pasta press, food processor and food grinder. Attachments connect to the powerhub of the machine and are compatible with any KitchenAid mixer, regardless of its capacity.

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The gourmet pasta press attaches to the mixer to extrude pasta. The mixer provides the power to mix the dough using the dough hook and bowl. After the dough is mixed, the cook removes it from the bowl, inserts the correct extrusion plate into the pasta press and attaches the unit to the mixer. The powerhub turns the screw to move the dough through the plate, then the cook cuts it to the desired length using the attached wire cutter. For flat pasta, a pasta roller is available as a separate attachment.

The food processor slices and shreds hard cheeses, fruits and vegetables. Unlike a stand-alone food processor, the thickness of the slices can be adjusted directly from the unit.

Manufacturers other than KitchenAid also make attachments for the company's mixers. One example is Chef's Choice food grinder attachment, which features two grinder plates for a medium or coarse grind with a stainless steel cutting blade. With a sausage stuffer, the device can stuff sausage casings for link sausage.

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