How Do You Attach Wood Trim to Metal Studs?

attach-wood-trim-metal-studs Credit: Raphye Alexius/Image Source/Getty Images

Attaching wood trim to metal studs isn't the easiest task, as baseboards and other trim cannot be nailed to metal framing. Attaching wood trim to metal studs requires trim screws, a drill, a drill bit, wood filler, sandpaper, adhesive, caulk, a trowel, finish nails, a hammer, a nail set and trim.

The first step in attaching wood trim to metal studs is to take the trim screws and, using a drill, screw the trim screws into the trim, through the drywall; keep pushing until it hits the metal stud. Once it hits the metal stud, the trim screw creates its own hole through the metal. Use a paired approach to screwing in trim screws so the top and bottom of the trim are always balanced with screws. For aesthetics, sink the heads below the surface of the trim and fill the empty hole with wood filler. Then, sand the wood filler to create a smooth finish. Finally, prime the trim and paint it.

Another option is to use glue and nails. For this option, simply glue the trim to the drywall with adhesive using a caulking gun and drive nails in at an angle so they go through the drywall but do not hit the studs. Finish off by using wood filler, sanding the filler, and priming and painting the product.