How Do You Attach Wood to Concrete?

How Do You Attach Wood to Concrete?

To attach wood to concrete, use a hammer drill to drill a pilot hole into the concrete, then insert anchors, attach brackets and then attach the wood to the brackets. A hammer drill is required to drill holes into concrete, and many models offer the option to switch over to regular drilling, making them a multipurpose tool.

Most anchors require the same basic installation of drilling a pilot hole with a hammer drill and inserting the anchor into the hole, but the important aspect to consider is whether the job requires a light-duty, medium-duty or heavy-duty anchor.

  1. Light-duty anchors
  2. Light-duty anchors typically consist of a plastic, soft metal shield and hammer-set anchors. Plastic anchors are ideal for hanging brackets that will hold items that weigh less than 50 lbs. Soft metal shield anchors are comparable to plastic anchors, but they typically can be found in larger sizes. Hammer-set anchors are ideal for hanging metal brackets and straps.

  3. Medium-duty anchors
  4. Sleeve anchors and concrete screws work well for medium-duty jobs, such as hanging doors or windows. Sleeve anchors can typically hold up to 200 lbs. in weight.

  5. Heavy-duty anchors
  6. Heavy-duty sleeve anchors and wedge anchors work well for framing jobs, and wedge anchors are strong enough to attach a home's framing members to the concrete foundation.

Once the right anchor is chosen for the job, follow the installation instructions to attach them to concrete.