How Do You Attach a Stone Tabletop to a Base?


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Stone that is hard enough to serve as a tabletop requires special tools for drilling. SFGate recommends adhering small squares of plywood to the bottom of the stone and using wood screws to attach the base.

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  1. Count the screw holes

    You need one 4-inch square piece of 3/4-inch plywood for each screw. Square tables generally have four holes, but round or rectangular tables sometimes have six or more.

  2. Mark the holes

    Set the base upright. Place the stone on the base in the position you want it to set when assembled. Measure an equal distance on each side of the base to ensure balance. Mark the location of each hole using a pencil or marker that is visible on the stone.

  3. Glue the squares

    Spread a drop cloth or blanket on the floor to protect the surface of the table. Lay the stone on the surface with the bottom facing up. Use industrial strength adhesive to glue the squares to the bottom of the stone, centering them over the mark for the screw. Lay a heavy object on each piece, and allow the glue to dry thoroughly.

  4. Attach the base

    Place the base on the plywood squares. Mark the holes for the screws on the wood. Use an appropriately sized drill and predrill for the screws. Screw the base to the wood using wood screws.

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