How Do You Attach a Snowblower to a Compact Tractor?


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To mount a snowblower on a compact tractor, use the three-point hitch. This universal hitching system is easy to hook up and allows direct access to the tractor’s rear power take-off shaft. The PTO transfers full engine horsepower to the snowblower, resulting in reliable and high-performance operation.

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Connect the top link to the snowblower and tractor by first connecting it to the snowblower, then carefully back the tractor in so that the other end of the top link can connect with it. Install the lower link pin and D bushings, making sure they're free of all corrosion. Spread the two lower links on the pin to make room for the check chain bracket.

Install the check chain bracket assembly. Once installed, the bracket ensures that the lower link pin and bushings remain in position. Hook in the bottom end of the lower links, and connect the lift rods. The bottom ends of the left and right lower links must now be maneuvered into place and fitted over the mating pins on the snowblower. You may need to shift the snowblower a bit to get them aligned.

With the snowblower raised off the floor a bit, adjust both check chains to prevent side-to-side sway of the snowblower. Lubricate the chain, sprockets and chute with a graphite based lubricant, and grease all grease fittings. Remove the gear box plug, and check the oil level. Connect the electrical chute connector, if there is one, and the blower is ready for use.

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