How Do You Attach a Snow Blower to a 4 Wheeler?


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Attaching a snowblower to an all terrain vehicle requires a snowblower attachment kit, either included with the snowblower or purchased separately. Attachment systems that include a full subframe running under the vehicle from rear hitch to the front minimize the amount of extra weight carried by the front of the vehicle. To install, hook the subframe onto the rear ball hitch and then use chains with straps or permanently mounted brackets to attach it to the front axles.

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The chains, when tightened, provide anti-sway protection. Most subframe attachments include caster wheels or sturdy skids that also minimize extra weight to the vehicle. Spreading the snowblower's weight along the full length of the vehicle increases stability and also avoids placing extra stress at any of the attachment points.

It is possible to mount snowblowers on most all-terrain vehicles, although in deep snow or on rough terrain mid-size vehicles with 500cc and automatic CVT transmissions work better. Some snowblowers run off the vehicle's power. For more power, purchase a snow blower with its own engine and consider auger and engine size based on anticipated snow conditions. A 12-inch auger and 11 horsepower engine are recommended for lighter snow and a 15-inch auger and up to 23 horsepower engine for snow that is deep or hard packed.

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