How Do You Attach a Landscape Rake to a Lawn Tractor?


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Attach a landscape rake to a lawn tractor by aligning the tractor's hitch bars along with the rake's hitch pins and sliding the connection pins in place. Place a clip on each hitch pin to secure it completely.

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To keep the rake in place and aligned with the tractor, connect the draw bar to the open-topped box at the top of the landscape rake and to the back of the tractor seat. Align the holes on top of the rake with the holes in the bar, and insert a loose hitch pin into the holes. Place a hitch clip at the end of the pin to secure it firmly.

Adjust the maximum depth of the rake with the hydraulic lever, and tighten the bolts and nuts on the locks to prevent the lever from going lower than the desired maximum depth. If the tractor does not have a locking system below the lever, insert any bolt and nut through the hole just below it, and secure it in place. Pull the handle of the adjustment bar forward to remove the transport pin. Slowly move the handle backward to lower the tines to the ground. Adjust the angle of the rake's tines by screwing the top bar's central portion in or out.

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