How Do You Attach a Flexible Dryer Vent Hose?

Attach a flexible dryer vent hose by fastening the hose to the dryer flange with a hose clamp and joining the other end to the dryer vent using another clamp. Two dryer hose clamps, a flexible dryer vent hose, foil duct tape, a screw driver and a knife are needed.

Place one end of the flexible hose over the flange on the dryer. Slide one of the vent clamps onto the hose until it reaches the base of the hose where it is attached to the dryer. Tighten the screws on the clamp with a screw driver. Be careful not to catch the tube in one of the screws. Finish by creating an airtight seal around the end of the vent hose by wrapping foil duct tape around the edges where the vent meets the flange.

Place the other end of the flexible hose over the dryer vent, pulling it tight so that the hose overlaps the vent by several inches. Add the second clamp, sliding it to the area where the hose covers the vent. Screw the clamp down tightly. Wrap foil duct tape around the edge of the hose where it meets the dryer vent. Plug in the dryer, and turn it on in order to ensure that no air escapes from the hose.