How Do You Assemble a Stacked Washer/dryer Combo?


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Assembly of a combination stacked washer and dryer involves moving the washer into position and lifting the dryer up into position on top of the washer. The washer is connected to the hot and cold water lines, and the male and female connections of both units are joined together.

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Experts recommend professional assembly and installation of stacked washer and dryer units, which must be correctly grounded to operate safely. In particular, washer and dryer combination units must never be powered with extension cords, or adaptors, since this increases the risk of electrical shock or fire. These units must also never be stored in areas where they are likely to be exposed to weather conditions or water. Also, there is a risk of damaging the washer accidentally by bumping or dropping it, which can harm its safety features.

Professional installers of stacked washer and dryer units typically include home delivery as part of the service. This includes unpacking the units, inspecting them for damage and providing information about any additional work that needs to be done. The installers remove the old washer and dryer before assembling and connecting the stacked units. Installers use manufacturer parts and follow installation procedures recommended by the manufacturer. In addition, the installers usually test both units to ensure they work properly.

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