How Do You Assemble a Queen-Sized Waterbed?


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Assembling a queen-sized waterbed hinges on the frame being placed properly, and once the frame is in place, the rest of the waterbed assembly can move quickly and easily. Start off by laying out the hardware and the frame parts. After confirming that you have all the pieces to the bed and the tools you need, begin the assembly.

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  1. Attach the headboard and footboard to the frame

    Attach the headboard to the frame sides to ensure stability during assembly. Use the brackets and hardware supplied by the manufacture for this step. With the headboard firmly attached, continue assembling the frame by attaching the footboard. If you want to make sure the screws or brackets do not come loose over time, use nail glue as well.

  2. Assemble the waterbed platform

    With the frame assembled, build the platform next. Follow the manufacturer instructions for building the pedestal and attaching it to the waterbed frame. If you have a bookcase addition to the headboard, attach it as a last step.

  3. Install the heater, and check the sensor

    Install the heater prior to the mattress. Mount and route the heater according to the manufacturer instructions. Check the sensors to ensure the heater is working. Unplug the heater, and move on to installing the mattress.

  4. Install and fill the mattress

    Your queen-sized waterbed likely has two protective liners. Place these liners along the base of the platform. Make sure they are even and that all areas of the platform and brackets are covered. Place the mattress, and even it out along the inside of the frame, making sure all areas are smooth and free of debris. Attach your hose to a nearby water outlet or sink. Attach the other end of the hose to the fill spout on the mattress. Turn the water on, and fill the mattress.

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