How Do You Assemble a Loft Bed?


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To assemble a loft bed, it is necessary to acquire a bed kit, a wrench or pliers and a screwdriver, as well as an Allen wrench and then assemble the end pieces followed by the cross braces. Some bed kits come with the end piece already assembled, so some people may be able to skip that step.

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There are usually two identical end pieces for either side of the bed that are generally as wide as the mattress and in the shape of a rectangle. To fasten the hardware, turn it by hand to mount it. To tighten down the fasteners, hold the nut still with a pair of pliers and turn the bolt head with the Allen wrench. It is important to do this step for both end pieces and then set the pieces up where the bed is going to be, preferably with one side against a wall and an assistant holding the other piece.

The next step is to install the top cross brace for the side of the bed leaning on the wall. Use a tongue and groove movement to accomplish this and reinforce it with a screw. Next, install the bottom cross brace on the same side followed by the top cross base on the other side. Follow this step by tightening the fasteners. The last few steps are to install the mattress on top of the mattress frame and attach the guard rails and any additional features.

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