How Do You Assemble a Herman Miller Cubicle?


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Assemble a Herman Miller cubicle by connecting the adjacent panels with a panel connector. Use an Allen wrench to widen the panel connector, and then tighten the Allen screw in the top draw block of the connector. Add another panel connector to make a right angle, and put this panel on the top wedge block of the draw block. Typically, this assembly requires two people and takes between 1.5 to 2 hours.

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  1. Connect the adjacent panels

    Use a panel connector to join two adjacent panels, and set them next to each other with the panel connector in the middle. Place the top draw block of the panel connector on top of the wedge block. Widen the panel connector by using an Allen wrench to unscrew the top draw block, and move the second panel to fix the top wedge block under the other half of the top draw block.

  2. Connect the panels forming a right angle

    Tighten the Allen screw tightly in the top draw block of the panel using the Allen wrench. Position the two panels to form a right angle using a panel connector. Place the top draw block of the connector on the top wedge block of the first panel.

  3. Secure the top draw block

    Loosen the Allen screw on the top draw block using the Allen wrench. Tighten the bottom wedge block when the connector's bottom draw block clears. Lift the connector's top draw until the panel’s top wedge block lies under it before tightening the screw.

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