How Do You Assemble a Basic Crib?


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To assemble a basic crib, place the headboard face up on a flat surface, and secure the latch brackets provided in the crib's box onto the appropriate inside section, ensuring the brackets face the inside of the crib. Do the same with the footboard of the crib. Secure the stationary rail by attaching a dowel through the rail, into the openings of the latch brackets, and into the head and footboards.

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Screw the dowels into place, tightening them enough to prevent the rail from shifting. Next, secure the mattress support by screwing the attachments to the metal springs, and then use a wrench, nuts and bolts to secure them to the headboard and footboard. Use the same hole placement for each corner of the crib when attaching the mattress support.

Secure the drop side rail to the front of the crib by standing it on the latch brackets. Slide one metal rod through the latch holes on each side of the crib. Attach a loose spring onto the dowel, and place it above the last hole in the drop rail. Secure the rod tops on each side of the crib. Insert the mattress, and test each section of the crib to ensure it is assembled correctly.

Use the instructions and accompanying hardware to assemble the crib. If the instructions are missing, navigate to the manufacturer's website to search for a digital copy. If hardware is missing, take any matching parts to a hardware store, and purchase identical pieces.

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