How Do You Assemble a Baby Crib?


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To assemble a baby crib, attach the latch brackets to the head and footboards, and affix the stationery rail and mattress support. Attach the drop rail to the crib's front. For a round crib, join the two semi-circle pieces, attach the casters and legs, and affix the rails.

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How Do You Assemble a Baby Crib?
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Begin assembling a baby crib by placing the head and footboards on a flat surface with their faces up. To attach the latch brackets, screw them on the inner side of the boards.

Attach the stationery rail by screwing it tightly to the head and footboards. Alternatively, insert its dowels into the latch bracket holes on one side, slide the dowel to the crib's bottom, and screw it into position. To attach the mattress support, join the attachment pieces and metal springs, and screw them to the head and footboards.

To attach the drop rail, position it in the latch brackets, and insert a metal rod through the crib's holes to secure the rail to the crib's sides. Slide the loose spring above the dowel and position it over the drop rail's bottom hole.

For a round crib, lock the semi-circle pieces by inserting the pegs into the corresponding slots. Attach the two legs to the crib's bottom using bolts, and insert the caster sockets with the casters into the legs. Insert the movable rail into the brackets on the leg and crib's bottom. Finally, affix the stationery rail or wall using bolts.

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