What Are a Few Facts About Asplundh Tree Removal Services?

In business since 1928, Asplundh maintains its headquarters near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and is the parent company of Utilicon Solutions, Ltd. It not only prunes and removes trees, but performs vegetation management and line clearance.

Asplundh prunes and removes trees to facilitate the safe functioning of power lines. To this end, its professionals are specially trained to work around high-voltage power lines. Although it mostly works at the behest of utility companies, it has regional offices that offer tree removal and pruning services for private homes and businesses. In some areas, it also gives away wood chips for private use and offers advice on how to use wood chips in the landscape.

As of 2015, Asplundh has over 30,000 employees in the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Through UtiliCon Solutions, it also performs electrical testing, meter reading and service for traffic signals and street lights. It also engages in underground construction.

Founded by Griffith, Carl and Lester Asplundh on August 8, 1928, it was working for such utilities as the Philadelphia Electric Company, Pennsylvania Power & Light and American Telephone & Telegraph within the same year. The name is pronounced "AH-splund," and it translates from Swedish as "grove of aspen trees."