How Are Artificial Indoor Plants Cleaned?


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According to How To Clean Stuff, artificial indoor plants are cleaned in many ways, depending on what the plants are made of. Silk plants, for example, are usually cleaned using a special method with salt, while the plastic ones can be simply washed with water.

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How Are Artificial Indoor Plants Cleaned?
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Cleaning silk plants requires a large bag, salt, a nylon hose and a vacuum cleaner with attachments. These tools make it possible to clean silk plants without wetting them, because water can damage silk. Start by filling the bag with enough salt to cover the surface area of the dirty artificial plant. Place the plant inside and shake the bag to ensure that salt clings to the plant. Remove the plant and allow the salt to absorb surface debris. Next, cover the vacuum attachment with a nylon hose, stretching it tightly over the end. Use the vacuum to remove salt along with any debris from the plant.

To clean plastic plants, you need water, soft cloths and towels, as well as a bucket, sink or tub. Mild detergent is optional. Begin by filling the bucket, sink or tub with warm water. Add a small amount of detergent if the plants are especially dirty. Remove dirt and dust by swishing the plants in the water. Use soft cloths to wipe any areas that remain dirty. Rinse the plant clean and then place it in the sun to dry.

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