What Is an Art Deco Dining Table?


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An art deco dining table features popular art deco design elements, such as rich and exotic woods, decorative inlays, deco-style carvings and a glossy sheen. Woods selected for dining tables include African Padauk, ebony, maple, mahogany and teak. Exotic woods became much easier to obtain in the early 20th century thanks to modern modes of transportation.

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Some tables feature grand artistic designs. For example, a table featuring the mythical figure Diana The Huntress is typical of the early style. The dramatic artwork is protected by a glass covering, which also adds an extra layer of sheen. Many art deco dining tables tend to be less elaborate and more functionally attractive. This is probably due to the public losing interest in elaborate art deco furnishings by the mid-1920s. As a result, home furnishing designs were toned down but still adhered to the deco style.

Art deco dining tables can be purchased as furniture and collector pieces. These tables may have added features like underneath storage cabinets, or folding leaves. The deco style is often associated with ornate decorative accents, and this is visible on some dining tables. For example, table edges might have ornate carvings with ancient flourishes. Table legs may sit on sleek curved feet. A complete art deco dining set includes several chairs with cushy leather upholstery.

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