How Do You Arrange Plants Indoors on a Tiered Plant Stand?


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Arrange plants indoors on a tiered plant stand with larger pots on lower tiers and smaller pots toward the top, in ascending order of height. Place plants with bigger leaves to the bottom of the stand, and leave sufficient space between each plant to promote air circulation.

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Arrange indoor plants in identical or coordinating pots that complement the room's interior. Arrange taller plants on the bottom tier and cascading or spiky plants on the top tier. Use a ceramic or antique jar as a plant holder for one of the center tiers for a decorative effect. Alternate flowering plants with ferns or non-flowering plants to draw attention to the flowers. Adding decorative figures to a tiered plant stand makes the plant arrangement look more appealing.

An indoor plant stand requires frequent cleaning to keep insects from breeding in it. Place a small tray that is easy to clean beneath each pot to collect excess water, and empty it as it collects. Place a few colorful pebbles on each pot to keep the soil moist and fresh. Trim dead leaves, and remove wilted flowers periodically to improve plant growth. As with all indoor plants, place the pots in sunlight for at least 20 minutes each week to keep them healthy.

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