How Do You Arrange Furniture to Scale in a Room?


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Guidelines for arranging furniture to scale include providing 48 to 100 inches of space between sofas and side chairs, placing coffee tables 14 to 18 inches away from sofas and placing televisions at least three times the width of the screen from seating areas. Such guidelines are only approximations. Personal taste and environmental needs may necessitate alternate placements and furniture arrangements in order to optimize the available space

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Selecting pieces that are proportionate to the space, measuring a room and drawing a furniture arrangement floor plan and deciding what will be the focus of the space are all important when arranging furniture to scale within a room. One method for designing a furniture arrangement is to completely empty a room in order to design a new arrangement from scratch. Another option is to draw up a floor plan in order to determine the best layout.

Selecting furnishings that do not match the scale of the space can create many problems. Larger pieces can often serve as the focal point of a furniture arrangement, but they can also make smaller rooms feel cramped just as having too many smaller pieces may leave an environment feeling cluttered and disorganized. Formulating a floor plan in advance, working with pieces that are appropriately sized and taking such considerations as foot traffic into account may all be helpful.

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