How Do You Arrange the Dishes in a China Cabinet?

Professional organizer Darla DeMorrow recommends arranging china by choosing a focal piece and arranging other items around it. She also suggests using cup display stands and plate easels to prevent damage to cherished pieces.

Before arranging china, it is important to measure each piece and adjust the shelves of the china cabinet accordingly. This eliminates the problem of having to start all over if one of the pieces does not fit in the cabinet. DeMorrow advises against arranging everything in perfect symmetry. Instead, put the most important pieces at the sides of the cabinet so they are visible when the doors are closed.

Some china cabinets have shelves with grooves. Use these grooves to stand plates against the back of the cabinet, if desired. Martha Stewart uses clear pushpins to shore up platters and other large items. Hide the pushpins by placing smaller items in front of the larger ones. When arranging cups, make sure all of the handles point in the same direction.

Arranging china according to color is a good way to add visual interest to a dining room or kitchen. Group like items together, or mix and match different colors to create a visually appealing display. Some people also arrange their china according to manufacturer or intended use.