What Is Arcopal?

Arcopal is a currently discontinued line of dinnerware that was introduced in 1958 by a French company called Verrerie Cristallerie d'Arques (VCA). Arcopal was one of the first brand names offered by the company and was discontinued in 2000 when the parent company changed its name to ARC International.

Founded in 1825 as a small family business, VCA was a pioneer in industrial automation, slowly evolving into an international group offering high-quality glassware through innovation and research.

Arcopal was introduced simultaneously with two other brands, Luminarc and Arcoroc. Arcopal dinnerware featured glassware that was nearly five times stronger than china, lightweight, was "opal" or tinted glass and resistant to chipping and breaking. Its counterpart, Arcoroc, was tempered and lightweight as well. Luminarc featured transparent glassware.

In 2000, when the Arcopal brand was discontinued, most remaining collections came under the Luminarc brand of products. The company recently created a new material called Zenix for use in manufacturing Luminarc products, further increasing their durability.